Brookfield Multiplex

Dubai Marina Stages 1& 2 - UAE - Dubai, Middle East

Brookfield Multiplex constructed the extensive Dubai Marina project – a premium quality waterfront development consisting of six residential towers ranging in height from 19 to 40 storeys, housing 1,029 apartments with a combined floor area of approximately 260,000m2.

The original jewels of the marina, three of the towers, are traditionally named after precious stones: Al Mass (31 floors); Fairooz (23 floors); and Murjan (40 floors). The remaining three are named after Arabic scents: Mesk (40 floors); Anbar (19 floors); and Al Yass (27 floors).

Enveloping the towers is a two-storey podium with 64 luxury villas and facilities, including a three-storey fitness centre, a day care centre, children's external playgrounds, seven swimming pools, 40 retail restaurants, a mosque and extensive landscaping.

The structural frame is concrete and reinforcement steel and the two tallest towers were ‘crowned’ with a 1,100 tonne epoxy-coated structural steel petal.

As the first phase, and first completed buildings in Dubai Marina, this cluster of six has come to symbolise the Dubai Marina precinct.

There is no ESD Rating for this project.