Brookfield Multiplex

Moma Mineral Sands - WA, Australasia

Brookfield Mulitplex was employed to build the Moma Titanium Minerals Project, a titanium feedstock project based on the mining of a deposit of heavy mineral sands on the north coast of Mozambique.

The project was developed by Kenmare Resources PLC, and the partnership of Multiplex Bateman Joint Venture (MBJV) was employed as contractor to deliver a full scope of works, including design, supply and installation.

The project utilised the Wet Concentrator Plant (WCP) and Materials Separation Plant (MSP) – key elements from BHP’s decommissioned Beenyup Mineral Sands Plant in Eneabba, Western Australia – to assist in fast tracking the project. These elements were packaged and shipped via transportation barges to Mozambique, where they were refurbished and recommissioned upon arrival by the Brookfield Multiplex in joint venture.

Brookfield Multiplex also oversaw the implementation of infrastructure – including 2 x 3,000 cubic metres per hour sand dredges, 170 kilometres of 132 kV overhead transmission lines, 600 metres of load out jetty, a 5,000 dwt materials handling barge manufactured in Singapore, a 50,000 tonne capacity covered storage building and the roaster facility.

Key challenges for the plant include the remoteness of the site, 270 kilometres from the nearest town, which played a key part in the construction methodology. All materials were shipped or trucked in from South Africa to the site, so logistics were integral.

Brookfield Multiplex was responsible for the increased efficiency of the project during the implementation phase, improving the capital expenditure of the mine.