Brookfield Multiplex

QEII Central Energy Plant - WA, Australasia

The Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Central Energy Plant (CEP) project was the major enabling project for the redevelopment of the QEII Medical Centre (QEIIMC) site in Nedlands, which was constructed by Brookfield Multiplex during 2011 and 2012. The QEIIMC precinct accommodates a number of current and future healthcare facilities, including the relocation of a new Children's Hospital to the campus - this meant servicing the additional facilities as well as the existing facilities would require a significantly expanded CEP. The decision was made by the Client that this provided the opportune time to relocate the current plant to the rear of the site. This relocation then required the incorporation of an extended service tunnel, to connect with existing infrastructure, into the project.

The CEP project included the construction of:
• a new Central Energy Plant building;
• 506 metres of main services Tunnel;
• Waste Management/Workshop/Dangerous Goods buildings;
• 11kV site power upgrade;
• 11kV – 450V transforming and switching equipment;
• 5 x 9MW chillers and associated cooling towers, pumps and pipe work;
• 5 x 2.5MW diesel generators providing site emergency power;
• 1 x 2.5MW Tri-Generation system including gas generator and absorption chiller;
• 3 x 1800 kPa High Temperature Hot Water boilers;
• 2 x 900 kPa Steam boilers; and
• Reverse Osmosis plant and pumping equipment.

The new CEP building replaces the existing CEP building for two major hospitals: the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH) and the New Children’s Hospital (NCH), (currently under construction). The CEP building will also service the future Women’s Hospital. The value of the CEP project is AUD$226 million including GST.

The project had similarities to a heart transplant operation. The former CEP building located at the eastern end of the precinct, the old heart of the QEIIMC precinct, was kept alive during the course of the construction in readiness for the transplant of a robust, well-built beating heart, the new CEP building at the western end of the precinct. During the transition and integration phases of the new CEP with the hospital, the entire QEIIMC precinct including its many functions was kept alive without missing a beat.

There is no awards for this project.