Brookfield Multiplex

Ikea Superstore - WA, Australasia

Brookfield Multiplex delivered the Ikea Superstore, giving the international retail homewares giant a commanding presence in the Perth market. The superstore offers a two level retail store with restaurant and car parking.

With a 26,607m2 retail space, it is the largest single tenant building in Western Australia, featuring a restaurant at its centre with seating for 400 patrons.

The main building was constructed using a mix of precast concrete and sheet-metal sandwich panel construction for fast and streamlined construction. This houses the retail space, the warehouse, showroom, market hall, cash registers, pick up bays and home delivery bays.

The paint used for the showroom area is a product called Oikos Paints, which has the advantage of being a zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) product. The thermal storage system utilises a one million litre chilled water storage tank, incorporating a state-of-the-art control system, allowing the refrigeration of the chilled water in off peak power periods. This reduces running costs and promotes less impact on the environment. The tank also doubles as the Fire Water Storage System.

The Ikea Superstore is now a must-see stop for homeowners and renters alike. Brookfield Multiplex has constructed a functional and innovative space for a large-scale retailer.

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